Motorisation Options

Motorisation for Awnings

With a motorized retractable awning you will expand your outdoor living space and add value to your home, without the problems and high cost of construction. Plus, your furniture and carpeting will be protected from fading. An added benefit is due to the ease of operating your motorized awnings, you will use them more often, lowering indoor temperatures and reducing sunlight and glare.

When sun shading is not required, your motorized awning can retract against the facade of your home, so it is out of the way when you want it to be, allowing light to enter the room as you choose on a cloudy day or at dusk. Our electric motors are fully contained within the roller tube of a retractable awning for a clean concealed installation that blends right into the lines of your home and they’re sealed, too, so they require no maintenance for years of trouble-free service.

Motors – The tubular motor is housed inside the fabric roller shaft assembly so is invisible and fully protected.
These motors are available with added extra functions such as “sun and wind automatic controls” that allow the awnings to automatically extend during sunny weather and retract to safety during stormy/windy conditions.

Sun Sensors – A sun sensor reads the intensity of the sun’s radiation and triggers the unwinding or winding of the awning.

Wind Sensors – An Anemometer (air speed meter) measure wind velocity and transmits a closing signal to the motor if the wind speed exceeds the established maximum speed setting. Alternatively a 3D motion sensor fitted inside the front cover is triggered by excessive motion and retracts the awning. Once the wind speed drops the awning automatically unwinds again.

Remote controls, timers and integration with home automation systems are also possible.