Aluminium Awnings

Aluminium Awnings are a cost effective alternative to canvas awnings and have the advantage of being rust resistant and can last the life of the structure they are installed on.  With proper steel bolts and braces that hold your aluminum awning to the structure, you can rest assured it is a part of your building that will seldom need replacement.

Aluminum Awnings can be colour co-ordinated to fit the design and decor of your home or business.  Since these awnings are made of aluminium, however lightweight, when it is securely installed it is unlikely that even high winds will not damage or destroy it. The product is mounted over doors and windows to create shade or protection from excess sunlight, rain and other weather conditions.  These simple awnings make it possible to still enjoy natural light but help to minimise the entry of sunlight into the home, thus making it easier to cool the interior space.

The benefits of Aluminium Awnings:

  • Conserve energy by shading windows and reducing indoor temperatures and protect your carpets and furnishings from undue fading.
  • Manufactured from lightweight, pre-painted, rust-free aluminium coil and because they are all aluminium, they last and last.
  • Ideal for commercial, industrial, residential houses and townhouse complexes, or any area requiring a permanent and elegant protection from the sun and rain.
  • The aluminium panels are “locked” or clipped into position, which locks out the elements but allows hot air build up to escape/ventilate and therefore draw cool air under the awning.
  • A choice of more than nineteen standard colours, you can mix and match colours to create your own design by achieving elegant plain colours or bold striped effect as you please.
  • These awnings come in two shapes – A rounded curve and can be ordered with or without side panels or a wedge shape.

Aluminium Awnings are custom made and can be adapted to suit most installation requirements to ensure a perfect addition to your home or office.  There are endless possibilities for enhancing your home or office with our awnings – over windows to enhance your architecture, off the patio creating an “outdoor living area”, even above the doorway for a decorative twist.