Clear Burglar Bars

Clear Burglar Bars are tough & robust with unique qualities, including light transmittance, high impact strength, scratch resitant and flame retardancy.

Our Clear Burglar Bars are manufactured from UV Stabilised Polycarbonate resin that provides an equivalent level of security to steel security bars, while providing total optical clarity to preserve views and the inflow of sunlight and ventilation.

Polycarbonate is a highly flexible material. This adds to the strength of the Clear Burglar Bar because force can be applied to it by twisting or pulling the bar and it will return to its original position.  However, extreme care must be taken to insure that the bars are installed to the right tension so that they do not flex too much as this will create a big enough gap for an unwanted person to climb through.

Unlike steel or Aluminium bars, Clear Burglar Bars do not rust or corrode when exposed to moisture or solvents. They are maintenance free and easy to keep clean.

Our Clear Burglar Bars are individually installed with spacing’s of between 100mm – 130mm, as per insurance regulations, and are easily and securely mounted into either Aluminium or wooden frame windows by our professional installers.

Perfect for keeping unwanted people, baboons and animals out!

  • 10 year guarantee
  • UV protected
  • Made out of UV stabilized thermos plastic polycarbonate resin, one of the strongest plastics ever made
  • Exceptional impact strength of 3 000kg
  • Rust and maintenance free
  • Imported from Germany