Outdoor Covers

Protect your patio furniture with Outdoor Covers!

Harmful UV Rays and moisture break down cloth fibres, weakens wicker, rusts metal and warps and discolors wood. Enhance the decor of outdoor living areas while protecting your valuable furniture investment with one of our custom made covers.

We custom make all our covers to precise dimensions and specifications for a wide variety of products that are exposed to nature’s elements: outdoor furniture, umbrellas, braai’s and even your boat.

The benefits of Outdoor Covers

  • Custom, weatherproof covers
  • Keeps outdoor furniture clean and ready for use at all times
  • Protects from wind, rain, sun discolouration and outdoor elements
  • Breathable – will not retain moisture under the fabric
  • Precisely measured and tailored to the unique dimensions of outdoor item for the best possible fit
  • 1 year limited warranty