Secure-Fit Pool & Jacuzzi Covers

Custom made to fit just about any shape or size, our Secure-Fit Pool & Jacuzzi Covers offer complete impenetrable protection for total peace of mind and unsurpassed insulation, saving you energy and money.

Secure-Fit Pool & Jacuzzi Covers offer:

  • Various colours are available in both Coastal Sunblock and Extra Block
  • Coastal Sunblock reflects more than 80 -90% of harmful UV rays whereas Extra Block reflects more than 90% of harmful UV rays for the protection of people
  • Extra Block offer a higher gauge construction with minimal stretch and fire retardant properties
  • Provides cool shade by allowing heat to flow and escape though the fabric (as the heat rises) resulting in pleasant cool shade to enjoy outdoors
  • The fabric is designed to be used in tension structures, meaning they retain their stability and striking good looks
  • Breathes to reduce temperature underneath noticeably
  • Colourfast, mildew and tear resistant
  • Simple to clean with a hosepipe
  • Knitted construction with double lock stitches prevents fraying or tearing
  • All covers are supplied with a matching storage bag
  • All fittings are guaranteed rust proof
  • All covers have a standard 12-month limited warranty.


The Shade cloth ranges of covers are manufactured from an export grade net fabric, which is water resistant and UV stabilized. The lifespan of the cloth is approximately 5 to 8 years. This is dependent on usage and the chemical maintenance you use on your pool.

Manufacture & Fitment including support tubes

All covers are individually measured, shaped and fitted with only the best quality polyester threads and materials being used. The seams of the Shade cloth fabrics are fitted with a webbing reinforcing strip to prevent tearing out of eyelets when inserted in fabric.

Standard Secure Fit covers have eyelets surrounding pool perimeter which are individually inserted into the fabric with a hand press.  Each cover is fitted with sets of 7mm eyelet at approximately 750 mm to 1500 mm intervals.

These provide the securing point for a 5mm Bungi cord on a Stainless Steel hook which fits into surface mounted hook plate. This is secured to pool surround surface with stainless steel screws.  Where required, the cover is fitted with reinforcing material in areas of severe chaffing.

In addition, these covers have support ribs situated at suitable intervals over the width of the pool. This limits the amount of water that will soak through when children / animals walk across and prevents damming of water on the surface of the cover.

Secure Fit Ratchet covers have suitable Stainless Steel ratchets attached to limit the number of plates required.  This minimizes the need for hooks and eyelets around the pool perimeter which are only required at the top and bottom of cover together with Aluminium support Ribs for added stability. Removal and refit of the Ratchet Pool Covers is quicker and easier than Standard Secure Fit covers.

Important information:

  • Please note that these cover have been weight tested on children between 15 and 22kg and NOT adults.
  • The Secure-Fit Pool & Jacuzzi Covers are not solid and have to allow water pressure to come through and rain water to seep away through the cover into the pool.
  • Water levels should also be kept reasonable to prevent permanent soaking of the fabric.