Adjustable Louvre Roof

Adjustable Louvre Roofs help you make the best of all seasons!

In winter, your home can access direct sunlight through your opened patio cover. This means your home stays warm and cosy using the natural energy of the sun. The suns rays also reduce the need for turning lights on in your home. During the summer months, you can control the desired amount of light and air flow; a significant energy saving benefit with the reduction in heating and cooling costs during the life of your home. You get to enjoy the best of both worlds, all year round.


  • A full aluminium water-resistant system.
  • Most components can be replaced without dismantling the patio cover.
  • The panels open to 90o to allow maximum sunlight through.
  • A single gearbox can be used over a 24m2 span.
  • Fewer panels are required per m2.
  • The decorative fascia also serves as the gutter.
  • The main support beam is hidden within the fascia


You can choose to fit your Adjustable Louvre Roof without a fascia; on the other hand, you can be the envy of family and friends by completing your patio cover with a trendy aluminium fascia system. Additionally, we offer a curved aluminium panel, available in a wide range of colours, to attach to your fascia, adding a dash of colour to compliment your home.

The Metal of Choice

The Adjustable Louvre Roof is made entirely of aluminium, including the support systems. This makes it superior to wood, iron, steel and other metal covers.  You can rest assured your Adjustable Louvre Roof will not rust, is not susceptible to termites and will never need to be painted. And the roof is easily restored by simply cleaning with soap and water.

Paint Finish

Our Adjustable Louvre Roofs are coated with ColourTech G4, a rugged advanced fourth generation polymer coating system developed for South African conditions.

The coating is:

  • Long-lasting
  • Highly resistant to corrosion (guaranteed against chalking, fading and blistering)
  • Easy to clean and maintain

The standard colour for our Adjustable Louvre Roofs is white. This allows for maximum heat reflection and for a neutral appearance from the exterior and interior of the building.


The metal components used for each patio cover is made entirely of aluminium including the support systems. Screws, bolts and rivets are all non-corrosive stainless steel or aluminium. Materials are water- resistant and easy to install with components that are easily replaced should the need arise.

The main support beam is hidden within the gutter fascia design. When mounted onto an existing structure silicon sealant is used. Where necessary a head-wall flashing is used.

For extra strength, additional 150 x 50mm valance beams are used with louvre carrier beams to brace the structure and prevent sagging.