Aluminium Roller Shutters

No other product on the market can provide all the qualities of an Aluminium Roller Shutter in one, and it is especially suitable for lock-up-and-go holiday homes.

Widely used in Europe, Aluminium Roller Shutters have become increasingly popular in South Africa, not only for the excellent security they provide but also for their other outstanding features. Well known for carefree maintenance and excellent durability, Aluminium Roller Shutters provide the aesthetic solution for people who command quality and style.

Aluminium Roller Shutters provide a number of excellent features for every season:

  • Security and privacy at the push of a button
  • Increased protection against break-in
  • Sun protection from heat and UV radiation PLUS thermal insulation in winter
  • Protection of your interior furniture, fabrics and artwork
  • Protection from rain, wind and dust
  • Sound insulation from traffic, neighbours and animals
  • Light regulation for your home-theatre and AV equipment

Slat Types

We offer two basic slat types, namely Roll-formed or Extruded, and both are manufactured exclusively from aluminium for its light weight and excellent durability. Both slat types are supplied in a range of slat sizes (40mm, 55mm and 77mm) to suit the opening size to be covered.

Roll-formed slats are made from high quality aluminium sheeting coils that are wet-coated in stove-baked enamel and rolled into a hollow profile that is then injected with CFC-free polyurethane foam. They are very light weight yet provide good strength with excellent thermal and noise insulation properties. Roll-formed slats are an economical and quick solution suitable for most applications, but are only available in a fixed range of colours.

Aluminium Roller Shutters - Roll-formed Slats

Extruded aluminium slats provide greater strength at the expense of higher weight and cost. They are epoxy powder coated to any of the wide range of available colours to optimally match the architectural design requirements. Extruded slats are the preferred solution where the primary application is security, where the opening sizes are too large for roll-formed slats to span, or where the standard pre-coated colours of roll-formed slats are not aesthetically suitable necessitating a custom powder coating colour.


  • Windows (light & UV block-out, heat control, privacy, security)
  • Doors (security, access control)
  • Garages and Basements
  • Serving hatches (kitchens, stores, kiosks, cashiers, reception)
  • Passageways (security, partitioning, safe-haven)
  • Cabinets and Toolboxes
  • Delivery Vehicles and Trailers

Cassette Types
The Aluminium Roller Shutter is protected inside either a built-in galvanised steel or wooden box for new buildings, or inside a neat roll-formed aluminum cassette for retrofitting onto existing buildings.  Built-in boxes are custom-designed for the specific application, while add-on cassette size is dependent on the size of the opening, the shaft diameter and the slat type.

Motorised shutters means no more tedious manual operation!

Life is so much simpler when you just need to press a button to operate your shutters. And with an RTS motor, you can have the full comfort of remote control.

There’s no need to walk around your house when you want to adjust your shutters. You can control them all from a single remote, giving you added comfort and convenience at home.

  • The “my” function
  • Allows you to program a preferred position for your electric roller shutter. That means, with a press of a button, your shutters will automatically move to your favourite position.
  • Automatic limit settings
  • We will find the exact fit for your window, so you’ll get the perfect lift and closure over time.
  • Obstacle detection
  • Our motors will detect obstacles when closing or opening (available with the Oximo motor only)
  • Tamper Resistant
  • Our shutters cannot be lifted from the outside thanks to rigid links. This security may be reinforced by fitting the roller shutter with stiff links (lifting resistance up to 100 kg).
  • Ready for home automation
  • Our roller shutter motors can easily upgraded or integrated with our other home automation products like motorised curtains and retractable outdoor awnings.