Woodbury Waterfproof Shutters

Our Woodbury Waterproof Shutters are custom hand built with a hardwood core combined with an ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) plastic coating. This polymer coating is widely used where strength and resilience are key features, such as in the manufacture of protective headgear, white-water canoes and Lego. Our Woodbury shutters are ideal for internal application in a bathroom or kitchen.

Stronger, tougher and lighter than high impacted PVC shutters, Our Woodbury Waterproof Shutters will not split, peel or fade and never require painting.

You’ll also be surprised when you see Woodbury Waterproof Shutters because although they have a waterproof thermoplastic coating they still look and feel like wood and are also in fact the most advanced waterproof shutters on the market!  The combination delivers a traditional  shutter that is elegant, strong and durable.

Ideal for inside bathrooms or even within a shower space, Woodbury Waterproof Shutters are the perfect choice for moist or wet interior areas.


  • Compared to similar products that have a hollow core, our Woodbury Wood Shutters have a solid timber core, which gives strength and ensures the shutter panels are straight and level
  • Our mortise and tenon joints (traditionally used in building construction and the manufacture of furniture) are designed to withstand the shear stress and racking forces applied when operating a shutter
  • Internal adjustment bars run through the centre louvre for tension adjustment so the louvres will never end up loose
  • Manufactured and installed to best practice European and American quality standards.


  • Waterproof
  • Wood-like appearance
  • Strong and tough, yet lightweight
  • With a variety of frame choices
  • A palette of 6 soft neutral shades
  • With a 3 year overall warranty on the product


  • Custom shapes such as triangle and hexagon
  • 4 louvre sizes – 47, 63, 89 and 114mm
  • 3 tilt rod options – traditional, off-set and secret tilt