Aluminium Security Shutters

Keep your home beautiful and your family safe!

Aluminium Security Shutters offer you security with style and a formidable security barrier, protecting your home and your family.

Material and construction:
The Aluminium Security Shutters are made of 100% recyclable powder-coated aluminium with stainless steel locks, screws and fittings and anodised aluminium tracks and hinges for anti-corrosion. This range of adjustable louvre shutters is reinforced with steel rods running through the core of each louvre and extending into the stiles, providing a robust framework. The spring loaded bolt system and key lock ensures maximum security.

Privacy with a view
The new ‘Gear Tilt’ is hidden in the shutter framework and nullifies the need for unattractive and problematic tilt bars.  Inter-leafed shutter panels for complete privacy and improved security and light block. With no tilt bar, the louvres are able to fit snuggly against the shutter framework providing greater privacy, security and light block.

Our aluminium security shutters are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

Function with form
Locally manufactured for South African conditions from architectural grade aluminium and powder-coated in Satin White or custom colours.

Security with style
A choice between a master key or multiple keys per order. Patented strip-proof Italian locks (with double key turn) that operate locking bolts to secure both the top and the bottom of the shutter simultaneously. We also offer a locking system accessible from both sides of the shutter as an optional feature. Tamper-proof powder-coated top and bottom guide systems prevent shutters being lifted out of the channels.

Security shutters have been classified as security barriers / gates by short term insurers.

Rabbet vs. Butt Stile

We use over-lapping rabbet stiles which close the light gap between two shutter panels making our product superior to standard butt stiles offered by competitors.

Security Shutters Rabbet stile example

A Rabbet Stile offers a neater finish and closes the light gap between shutter panels

Security Shutters Butt stile example

Gaps between shutter panels are clearly visible when using a Butt Stile