External Solar Screens

External Solar Screens offer protection and privacy to patios and entertainment areas and are highly recommended for restaurants.

Alternative systems with suitably applied fabrics are available for interior screening for domestic use as well as office buildings for visual comfort and heat protection to optimise productivity.

The extruded aluminium framework is supplied in a powder-coated finish and consists of an attractive and compact cassette housing the special insulating woven fabric that is vertically guided through the side channels by a weighted bottom bar.

Wind resistant side channels are optional, and for buildings where glass features prominently tensioned nautical grade stainless steel cable guides can be applied. Although possible to mount screens on the inside of a building, for optimal solar efficiency they are normally mounted to the exterior with the option of operating them from inside. Manually screens are operated with the use of either a strap winder or a neat universal gear and crank mechanism or they can be motorised and fully automated with individual, group or central control options and sun sensors.

Besides effective control of solar radiation, External Solar Screens have the added advantage of affording a varying degree of outward visibility during the day in accordance with the density of the fabric used, while maintaining privacy inside the building when viewed from outside the building.

Ideally fitted to the exterior of the building, screens can be operated manually from either inside or outside the building by means of a neat strap winder or universal gear and crank handle; or alternatively motorised for additional comfort and operated with a switch or various remote control options.

The top technology Somfy tubular motors are fitted snugly into the shaft and can be supplied with built-in radio receivers. All Somfy motors carry a standard five year warranty, which as a Somfy Expert Installer is increased to six years.

Here are some of the key benefits of external screens:

We reconcile the contradiction of protection from troublesome to unbearable heat and dazzling light, including reflections on computer and television screens, and at the same time filtering through beneficial natural sunlight. No awning can offer better protection and control of solar energy than a screen. The advantage of outward visibility onto swimming pools for families with small children is not to be overlooked.

Natural well being
Natural daylight is undeniably beneficial to our physical well being and positively contributes to the quality of our living and working space. External Solar Screens gently filter through the positive and eliminates all the negative elements of solar energy. By maintaining outward visibility one keeps in touch with the environment and outside world. It promotes a feeling of life and space.

Economical comfort
In a simple and natural way an External Solar Screen complements and enhances cooling and air-conditioning systems – often replacing or minimising their necessity. They also provide thermal protection in winter by forming and air pocket between the screening fabric and glass pane reducing energy costs significantly.

Aesthetic Harmony
The fabric and compact framework is available in a variety of colours and applied to enhance the architectural design of a building.

Carefree Maintenance
The strong extruded aluminium frame is powder-coated and all fasteners are of stainless steel. The screening fabrics offered are fully washable, rot-proof and can be rolled up wet.  Screens have a long life expectancy with easy maintenance.