Aluminium Venetian Blinds

Aluminium Venetian Blinds are an elegant modern solution that allows little light to enter and ensures privacy. A practical solution not only for offices with glare problems on Computers or TV screens but also in private homes.

Blinds are made from high tensile, vinyl coated aluminium slats available in both 25mm and 50 mm. All pins are made from stainless steel to prevent rusting (at the coast this cannot always be guaranteed.) Cords, ladders and head/bottom rails are colour coordinated to match the colour of the slats.

By installing these Aluminium Venetian Blinds you can efficiently block the harsh South African sunlight and UV and yet still allow ample light in your room. The finely-spaced slats will keep your furniture and floor coverings in their original rich-coloured condition.

By just tilting the slats, you can set the right ambience in your room. At full-tilt, these Aluminium Venetian Blinds block the light, and create total privacy at night. Pulling them right up enables a full view.
In winter, the blind’s heat-reflective properties conserve indoor heat. In summer, opened slats allow the cool breeze through, and when they are tilted a bit the sun’s heat is reflected reducing your cooling bills.

The head rail comes complete with end caps, plated steel universal installation brackets (50mm) and plated steel fixing clip brackets (25mm) and moulded plastic hold down bracket for all door installations.

The opening, closing and tilting of the 25mm blind is activated with a clear hard plastic wand through the tilter gear. The 50mm slat blind operates with a cord.

How to care for your Aluminium blinds:

  • We recommend the blinds be dusted regularly with a feather duster.
  • Aluminium Venetian Blinds close to the sea should be washed off regularly to rid the blind of salt deposits and moisture accumulation on the slats.
  • There will be corrosion if not treated properly!! To do this, remove the blind from the window, lay open on a flat surface outside and rinse off with a hosepipe or with a light dishwashing liquid in the water to be thoroughly rinsed off afterwards.
  • Wait for the blind to dry completely and clip back into place. Do not pull the blind up while it is still wet or damp.
  • Slats should also be wiped down with a soft cloth on a regular basis in heavily polluted and/or coastal areas.