Wooden Venetian Blinds (Basswood)

Wooden Venetian blinds are a very popular way to improve the look of windows and make your living or working area appear bigger and more spacious. Our products are crafted from the finest quality Basswood which is the premium wood for use in wood blind manufacture due to its sustainability and stability.  These blinds are available in 35mm, 50mm slats, and a variety of colours.

Enhance your Home Décor with Wooden Venetian Blinds

Fitting in with contemporary home décor, the fascia design completely covers the high profile head rail, giving a neater appearance. We only use aluminium in the Head & Bottom rails for improved quality of our Wooden Venetian blinds. This eliminates the corrosive effect from a normal & coastal climate and hence, increases their lifespan.

These blinds are rigid and able to withstand contact with cleaning chemicals due to the glossy finish. Always remember that it still remains a natural product and is subject to humidity and moisture.

Control the exact light level and temperature

By tilting of the wooden blind slats, you can create the exact light ambience you want. In winter, the great insulation property of wood conserves heat when you close the slats. In summer, you can open them to allow the cool breeze in.


Our Wooden Venetian Blinds are smooth to raise and lower. The slats may be tilted right through to 180 degrees. There are cords to tilt slats, and other cords to raise & lower the blind, with a special steel lock to firmly hold the position you set.


All our Venetian Blinds are guaranteed for 1 year. This means that in the unlikely event of problems related to quality, we will honour the manufacturer’s guarantee.

This blind can also be motorised.

How to care for your Wooden Venetian Blinds

  • We recommend the blinds be dusted regularly with a feather duster.
  • Remember treat a wood blind as the investment that it is, therefore, handle with utmost care.